ease of being Constance - Ich verstehe nicht nur Bahnhof!

47°39'31.0"N 9°10'39.2"E I with knl

The opposite of well-done is well-meant: public infrastructure separates a city from lake shore. Yet, the poison is the cure, thus a railway station is here to connect.1. prize student competition Raumbetonung Konstanz 2015

The city of Constance, at the shore of Lake Constance, rewards a student competition for designing a new railway station. For the project, the results of the euro- pan12 competition, which reconnects the city with the neighbouring Swiss city of Kreuzlingen with an international housing complex, a new mobility strategy and areas for recreation and shopping have been taken into account.

The overall concept is based on a profound urban analysis and can be deduced from traffic flows, visual axes and the urban structure. The existing railway station separates the city from the lake. The only two connections, a pedestrian underpass and bridge, are currently insufficient. The two makeshift commercial buildings next to the historical station building are to be demolished and replaced appropriately. Thus, the new railway station not only connects people with the rest of the world but also with what is just nearby.