Streetcars of Desire - Der Himmel über Stuttgart

48°46'14.5"N 9°10'23.4"E

Public art under the bridge; competition-entry in collaboration with Pollmann und Partner architects, Stuttgart. 2nd prize. 

The moment of the official opening of the bridge above Österreichischer Platz on August 4th 1961 stands for the ongoing handling of public space in the city of Stuttgart. Urban spaces lay in the shadow of anything car-related. That night, one would have on the evening of the Ə. On August 17th, if the weather conditions been able to see the stars from Österreichischer Platz. Instead, you now look at the barren bottom view of prefab concrete, so that traffic can roll over it. Stadtlücken e.V. rightfully raises the quesion: "Wo ist eigentlich der  Österreichischer Platz?"