Pioneer Architecture - Autarky and Fiction

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Wether it is the Spice Race or Space Race, are we doomed to repeat history again, simply because our exploitation based system seems to hollow out even the brains of those leading the world, with what they believe to be visionary?

37 subjective archetypes of science fiction. In a world in which mankind has made the planet his subject, the rest of the universe is the the final frontier now; the driving element of progress that steer its narrative. The source of inspiration is mostly found in illusory fiction not based on the real world. Fantastic images of a future outside of our atmosphere have existed for years. These fictitious pioneers serve as a role model for a construction task that goes beyond the usual parameters and require answers to questions that people will sooner or later have to deal with. - Yet, this if of course, a big illusion by itself. Planet Earth is no subject to anyone, really. Furthermore, the understanding of a subject-object relationship essentially describes a relationship of owner and slave. No thanks, I have seen enough.