studioUBK is a loose network of theorists and practitioners from various academic fields interconnected by different collaborations, operating between critical spatial practice, artistic research, creative consultancy and whatnot. Driven by specific themes and passing fascinations directed and mainly orbiting around the work of one, studio founder bsh. In the things we do, our agency aims to challenge disciplinary conventions to explore alternative realities beyond those driven by market forces.

studioUBK claims to be. Therefore, we are: agency for critical spatial practice, artistic research, creative consultancy and whatnot! We approach things with curiosity and passion for the unknown; keine Angst vor dem Unbekannten.

Our main mode of expression is language. Thus, we use space, objects, words, and images as research tools to engage in a discourse. We understand the things we do and talk about as a continuous process, a permanent conversation of people trying to do good things. Nous sommes des architectes citoyens.

We want to change the world and of course, it's political. Things are at stake!

studioUBK initiated and led the project Parklets für Stuttgart, a Realexperiment which has become a prominent part of a multidisciplinary and state-funded research project within Reallabor Für Nachhaltige Mobilitätskultur - FUTURE CITY LAB.

Ever since, agents of studioUBK have partaken in speaking panels, fellowships and lecture series, gaining expertise in critical spatial practice, political activism, academic research and teaching.

StudioUBK was unofficially founded in Stuttgart, Germany. The agency is currently based in Copenhagen.

This website ought to be a platform to document, curate and test the many things we have worked on and dealt with over time. Like the occupation of this virtual space, our Agency for critical spatial practice, artistic research, creative consultancy and whatnot aims to grow, evolve and adapt in the future; it's a thing; let's talk about it.

bsh was born in Basel. Grew up between Switzerland and Latin America. Studied architecture and urbanism at Stuttgart University, Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade de São Paulo and Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. MA in architecture from Royal Danish Academy. Koor Best and DAAD stipendium recipient.